Groma. Documenting Archaeology. Vol 3-2018

(BraDypUS Communicating Cultural Heritage, Roma 2019)

Groma is an open access peer-reviewed e-journal of the Department of History and Cultures (DISCI) of the University of Bologna, published by BraDypUS and focused on the different methodologies applied to archaeology.

Particular attention is paid to Adriatic and Mediterranean archaeology and to specific methodological aspects such as archaeological documentation and landscape archaeology.

Contributions by: Albert J. Ammerman, Francesco Belfiori, Manuel Castro-Priego, Pilar Diarte-Blasco, Andrea Fiorni, Enrico Giorgi, Irina Ivanova, Stephen Kay, Marco Licata, Belisa Muka, Lauro Olmo-Enciso, Francesco Pizzimenti, Gaia Roversi, Christopher Smith, Frank Vermeulen.

Table of contents

  • Andrea Fiorni, An Urban Archeological Project in Rimini. Preliminary Report (2017-2018). The Contribution of Building Archaeology to Research and Conservation
  • Irina Ivanova, Communication of the absence: possible instruments. On-site communication project for the archaeological area ‘La Cuma’ of Monte Rinaldo
  • Francesco Pizzimenti, The Urban Archaeology Project in Asculum: the case of Piazza Arringo
  • Lauro Olmo-Enciso, Manuel Castro-Priego, Pilar Diarte-Blasco, Beside and within the walls of Reccopolis:
    social dynamics and landscape transformations of a new Visigothic urban foundation


  • Francesco Belfiori, Stephen Kay, New research at the Sanctuary of Monte Rinaldo (FM)
  • Belisa Muka, Enrico Giorgi, The new Italian and Albanian archaeological project in Butrint (2015-2018)

Book review

  • Marco Licata, Review of: Cristina Corsi, BoĹžidar Splapšak, Frank Vermeulen (eds.). “Good Practice in Archaeological Diagnostics, non-invasive Survey of Complex Archaeological Sites”. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2016
  • Christopher Smith, Review of the recent publications on the Potenza Valley Survey
  • Albert J. Ammerman, Review of: F. Boschi (ed.). 2016 “Looking to the future, caring for the past. Preventive archaeology in theory and practice.” Bologna: Bononia University Press
  • Gaia Roversi, Review of: Carlotta Franceschelli, Pier Luigi Dall’Aglio, Laurent Lamoine (eds). 2017. “Spazi pubblici e dimensione politica nella città romana: funzioni, strutture,  utilizzazione”. Bologna: Bononia University Press
  • Frank Vermeulen, Review of: Michele Silani, 2017. “Città e territorio: la formazione della città romana nell’ager Gallicus”