Groma. Documenting Archaeology. Vol 4-2019

(BraDypUS Communicating Cultural Heritage, Roma 2020)

Groma is an open access peer-reviewed e-journal of the Department of History and Cultures (DISCI) of the University of Bologna, published by BraDypUS and focused on the different methodologies applied to archaeology.

Particular attention is paid to Adriatic and Mediterranean archaeology and to specific methodological aspects such as archaeological documentation and landscape archaeology.

Contributions by: Maddalena Bassani, Silvia Bergami, Martina Bombardelli, Rodolfo Brancato, Alessandro Campedelli, Marco Cavalieri, Domizia D’Erasmo, Emanuel Demetrescu, Laura Ebanista, Daniele Ferdani, Giuseppe Guarino, Richard Hodges, Sara Lenzi, Michele Massoni, Gloriana Pace, Francesco Tarlano, Luana Toniolo, Michele Silani, Federico Zoni

Table of contents

  • Richard Hodges, The Roman Suburb on the Vrina Plain Outside Butrint, Albania

  • Daniele Ferdani, Emanuel Demetrescu, Marco Cavalieri,
    Gloriana Pace, Sara Lenzi, 3D Modelling and Visualization in Field Archaeology. From Survey To Interpretation Of The Past Using Digital Technologies

  • Luana Toniolo, Silvia Bergami, Michele Silani, A new topographic survey of the walls of Pompeii:
    Porta Nola from 3D laser scanner to conservation problems

  • Rodolfo Brancato, How to access ancient landscapes? Field survey and legacy data integration for research on Greek and Roman settlement patterns in Eastern Sicily

  • Laura Ebanista, Water regimentation in the Pontine Plain between Astura and Fogliano in the dynamics of ancient population

  • Domizia D’Erasmo, Georeferencing Napoleonic Cartography to reconstruct Ancient Egypt landscapes: methods in comparison and the case of the island of iw-rd in the 16th nomos of Upper Egypt


  • Martina Bombardelli, Giuseppe Guarino, Michele Massoni, Federico Zoni, A case of rescue archaeology in Ascoli Piceno: the project of San Pietro in Castello
  • Alessandro Campedelli, The Burnum Project: a combination of archaeological research and communication in Cultural Heritage

Book review

  • Francesco Tarlano, Review of “Paesaggi mediterranei di età€ romana – Archeologia, Tutela, Comunicazione”, edited by G. Mastrocinque
  • Maddalena Bassani, Review of Danilo Leone, Maria Turchiano, Liburna 1. Archeologia subacquea in Albania. Porti, approdi e rotte marittime
  • Federico Zoni, Review of M. Coppola “Le indagini tipologiche in architettura. Leggere il costruito con metodi non strumentali”