Groma. Documenting Archaeology. Vol 5-2020

(BraDypUS Communicating Cultural Heritage, Roma 2021)

Groma is an open access peer-reviewed e-journal of the Department of History and Cultures (DISCI) of the University of Bologna, published by BraDypUS and focused on the different methodologies applied to archaeology.

Particular attention is paid to Adriatic and Mediterranean archaeology and to specific methodological aspects such as archaeological documentation and landscape archaeology.

Contributions by: Albert Ammerman, Federica Boschi, Emanuele Brienza, Marco Cavalazzi, Ilaria Cristofaro, Lorenzo Fornaciari, Enrico Giorgi, Sophie Hay, Stephen Kay, Clementina Panella, Elena Pomar, Carlo Rescigno, Federico Sciacca, Michele Silani.

Table of contents

  • Albert Ammerman
    The Mound at the Temple of Athena at Paestum: The first five steps in the Research Design
  • Federica Boschi, Carlo Rescigno
    The sanctuary of Apollo in Pompeii: new geophysical and archaeological investigations
  • Clementina Panella, Emanuele Brienza, Lorenzo Fornaciari
    Rome, Colosseum square and NE slopes of the Palatine hill:
    toward an integrated 3D system for stratigraphic data management and ancient urban landscape reconstruction
  • Stephen Kay, Elena Pomar, Sophie Hay
    Spina revisited: the 2008 geophysical prospection
    in the light of the excavation results
  • Marco Cavalazzi
    “Looking through the keyhole”: problems and research strategies for landscape archaeology in an alluvial plain with a high rate of vertical growth. The case of Bassa Romagna and south-eastern Po Valley


  • Federico Sciacca
    Roman Terni. A GIS-based approach for the study of
    Interamna Nahars (Terni) in Roman times
  • Ilaria Cristofaro, Michele Silani
    Approaching Skyscape Archaeology: A Note on Method and Fieldwork for the Case Study of Pompeii

Book review

  • Enrico Giorgi
    Review of “Thesprotia Expedition IV. Region Transformed by Empire” edied by Bjorn ForseĢn