Collana ACT-Field School Project Reports and Memoirs, 1

The New Swat Archaeological Museum. Architectural Study, Master Plan and Execution
Ivano Marati and Candida Maria Vassallo (with chapters by M. Ashraf, C. Cristilli, L.M. Olivieri)

(BraDypUS Communicating Cultural Heritage, Bologna 2014)

The book represents the first issue of the ACT-Field School Project Reports and Memoirs series, dedicated to the activities of the Italian Archaeological Mission in the Swat Valley, Pakistan. According to the guidelines of the whole project, the focus are archaeology, sustainable enhancement of the territory and its traditions and job creation (vocational training). In the volume the authors, Ivano Marati and Candida Maria Vassallo, present the experience of the New Swat Archaeological Museum, from the conception (architectural study and design choices) to the realization (master plan and execution). The text is accompanied by a chapter by M. Ashraf (UET Peshawar) on the health conditions of the old Museums, and a section by Eng. C. Cristilli (AIRES) on the structural calculations for the new structure. The volume is completed by an Introduction by Luca Maria Olivieri on the scientific and social results of the ACT project and by an Appendix edited by Luca Maria Olivieri, an overwiew of the Museum's visual cultural paths.

Table of Contents

  • Reader's Guide
  • Message by the Ambassador of Italy to Pakistan Adriano Chiodi Cianfarani
  • Message by the Ambassador of Pakistan to Italy Tehmina Janjua
  • ACT Field School Project:
    • The Italian Archaeological Mission in the Swat Valley
    • Archaeology and financial reconversion: A project of cooperation
    • "Archaeology from below"
    • The optimization of the cultural patrimony
  • Architecture of the 50s in Saidu Sharif and the Swat Archaeological Museum
    • 1.1. Swat: Architecture in
    • 1.2. Swat Museum: A Histor
  • The Swat Museum in 2011
    • Structural Health Assessment (SHA)
      • Building Description
      • Observed Damages
      • Field and Laboratory Tests
      • Numerical and Analytical Capacity Evaluation
      • Conclusions from SHA
      • Recommendations from SHA
    • Retrofitting of existing building
  • The New Swat Archaeological Museum
    • Design Choices
    • Construction Technology and Structural Design
      • Construction Technology
      • Structural Design
      • Design and Vetting of Two New Blocks
    • Reconstruction and rehabilitation: execution process
  • APPENDIX. Swat Museum: A Visual Cultural Path
  • List of Acronyms
  • References
  • Acknowledgements
  • Authors’ professional profile